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Radiators, Italian excellence in heating products

RADIATORS is internationally recognised for its Italian excellence in the heating and home-comfort sector. Thanks to its mission of conceiving, developing, designing, manufacturing and producing solutions dedicated to domestic heating, RADIATORS is now the largest Italian manufacturer of Radiators and Towel warmers for installed heating.

A careful analysis of market needs, research into the most new-generation processes and products, innovative design concepts and the organisational ability to provide a complete catalogue of solutions dedicated to the different distribution channels are the elements that make RADIATORS the established point of reference in the market.

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Radiators milestones

The company’s success is founded on the commitment of its staff who are passionate about their work, open to change and specifically want to contribute to its improvement.






Our mission is to create accessible, simple and durable products by providing technical heating solutions that meet the needs and anticipate the desires of our customers.

A story that began in 1960

RADIATORS, formerly known as TROPIC, was founded in 1960 in Moimacco (UD) and specialised in the manufacture of oil-filled lamellar radiators. In the 1980s the company was acquired by the De’ Longhi Group, which launched an investment plan that included the installation of new steel-panel production lines. In 2000, with the acquisition of Sile Corpi Scaldanti, a Venetian company specialising in the manufacture of designer radiators, DL Radiators began a process of growth in the European markets and in different sales channels, therefore establishing itself as a point of reference in the heating market.

By introducing 4 production lines in 2006 that use sophisticated technology to produce multi-column radiators and by adding production lines in 2008 dedicated to the production of electric aluminium radiators, the company has completed its range of products that respond to the multiple needs of the market and has become the largest radiator manufacturing company in Italy.

1960 »

TROPIC SRL: the manufacture of modular steel and oil radiators in Moimacco (UD)

1986 »

Acquisition by the De’ Longhi Group, with the company becoming known as METALLURGIA FRIULANA, and the installation of a steel-panel plant.

2000 »

Acquisition of SILE CORPI SCALDANTI – Fossalta di Piave (VE) and the implementation of new towel warmer production lines.

2006 »

Start of the production of multi-column radiators at the Moimacco plant

2008 »

Installation of electric radiator production lines

2016 »

Launch of OTTAVIO.
The first and only electric designer radiator that can be easily assembled by the end consumer.

2021 »

Start of the manufacture restructuring project, and the creation of a single production and logistics plant in Moimacco.

2022 »

Acquisition by the Stelrad Group.

2023 »

DL Radiators S.r.l. becomes RADIATORS S.P.A.


The manufacturing project is completed with the creation of a single production and logistics hub at the Moimacco site, which will lead to the acquisition by the Stelrad Group, an English group listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Group is comprised of companies specialising in the production of steel panels, and enjoys its position as the undisputed market leader of the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.


The new corporate structure will enable the company to change its name to RADIATORS S.P.A. In June 2023 and to globally enhance its offering by inserting itself into a context of synergies and adopting a group vision that has a common goal of promoting the reduction of the direct and indirect environmental impact of its products, and manufacturing a product range that is compatible with low CO2 emissions heating systems.

heating solutions

Hydraulic operation

Hydraulic radiators, thanks to their remarkable thermal output, ensure all-round warmth.
They adapt perfectly to all needs and types of homes in terms of their modularity, elegance, distinctive design and wide range of available solutions, which are sold in multiple combinations of pipe sizes and geometries.

Electrical operation
Electric radiators provide rapid heating and uniform heat without drying the air. The numerous features of the electronic controls are easy and intuitive, allowing energy consumption to be controlled, and preventing energy waste. They are available in a wide range of models, and are designed for quick and easy installation.

E-flow Technology

The exclusive E-Flow technology means you can buy three products in one, and by doing so integrate the range of bathroom towel radiators with the advantages of classic electric fan heaters.
Fan heaters can be used alone to heat small rooms quickly and effectively, in combination with towel radiators to increase the performance of the latter, or just as a towel radiators.
E-Flow technology is available incorporated with electric towel radiators.