The renovation has begun, the architect has redesigned the living spaces as you had imagined them, you have chosen the materials and finishes, the technical systems and even the switches plates. But no one recommended the type of “radiators” to use.

We are used to “suffer” the presence of this object sometimes cumbersome and not very functional, which we often give up the choice and leave the decision to our plumber.

What if the radiator could be more efficient, beautiful, modern and have the right size for your space? What if, in addition to giving you greater comfort, it would save you significantly on consumption?

What to consider before choosing a radiator?
  1. The thermal power. Every living space needs a certain amount of heat
  2. The measures to insert it into the environment in an appropriate manner and the ability to connect to any thermal system
  3. The ability to provide low temperature heat, thus healthier heat, more environmentally friendly and with greater comfort
  4. The ability to react quickly to temperature changes
  5. The possibility to clean it easily
  6. The quality of materials and safety
Multicolumns De’ Longhi radiators meet all these requirements perfectly.

Designed and built with materials that increase the efficiency of the heating system, their geometry favors the diffusion of heat by radiation, just like the heat of the sun.
The multiplicity of heights, thicknesses and sizes allow you to find the right radiator (with the same connections to the home system of your old radiators) that can be mounted without expensive work of repositioning the pipes. And they are not like the old “radiators”: they can be up to 3 meters high, so you can place them on an unused corner and exploit the space almost up to the ceiling.
Or you can install them in the traditional position under the windows  (they can also be very low, only 30 cm tall and up to 6 meters long!).

You can use them in old single-pipe systems, in the most modern two pipe connection, use them in plants with heat pump, condensing boiler or in hybrid plants.
The Multicolumns De’ Longhi Radiators are designed for the installation of the practical thermostatic heads De’  Longhi, which can save up to 30% <sup>1</sup> considerably increasing the comfort.
They are also colorful and easy to fit into classic or modern environments.
Perfect for children’s bedrooms, they have no edges or corners, they are easy to clean with large spaces that allow you to reach every surface with a cloth.
What if they are also produced in an ecological way?

In compliance with ISO 14001, emissions into the atmosphere, water discharges and waste are continuously monitored, no harmful substances are released into the environment during production.

The thermostatic heads are a legal obligation from June 2017 in apartment buildings with central heating, together with the heat meter. Although they are not yet a legal requirement in systems with autonomous heating, they can reduce fuel consumption for heating, according to recent estimates from 10 % to 30 %.