But how do thermostatic heads on radiators work?

Do I have real energy savings? Need maintenance?
Are they mandatory?

The thermostatic regulation system mounted on the radiator consists mainly of two components: the valve (in this case thermostatable) and the so-called thermostatic head. The valve is always present on all radiators, old or new. On the valve, in the old installations there is a knob. You can then close the hot water flow by turning the knob, for example if we do not use an environment (e.g. guest room).

Instead of the knob on many valves (predisposed for thermostat) you can mount the thermostatic head. It’s a few minutes of work, just take out the manual knob and replace it with the thermostatic head.

The thermostatic head has, inside, a sensor in which a fluid expands when the ambient temperature increases and through this expansion closes slowly the inflow of hot water to the radiator. And vice versa. Of course, the head can be easily adjusted to the desired temperature via a scale from 0 to 5 (position 3 corresponds to a temperature of about 20 ºC).

In this way the temperature can be adjusted in each individual room for maximum environmental comfort. For example, set a lower temperature in the bedrooms and a higher one in the bathroom, a few degrees less in the corridors or completely close the radiator in the premises that do not live.

If the sun’s rays penetrate into an environment through the window, the thermostatic valve will decrease the inflow of hot water, saving fuel and maintaining an ideal temperature. The same in a room with appliances (for example in the kitchen) or with many people bringing heat, the valve will intervene saving energy.

Remember that the use of the thermostat system of each individual room is mandatory from July 2017 in all apartment buildings with central heating together with the heat meter. And, even in small systems with autonomous boiler, proper use of thermostatic valves can save a lot of energy.

The valves and heads do not need any maintenance, they are able to adjust the temperature in a few minutes (typically from about 15 to 40 minutes)  with an accuracy of even +/- 1 C. Elegant and classic design, are the ideal accessory to match your radiator De’Longhi.